Back To Eden Restaurant

Back to Eden started as a restaurant, with Bronnie's incredible ability to create the most gourmet meals while still keeping that "home cooked" feel. With wall to wall windows, you'll be dining overlooking the most picturesque snorkelling beach in Vanuatu. This is the perfect spot for filling up after a morning of snorkelling and adventuring, at really competitive prices. 

See below for the menu.

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Use this form to make a booking at Back To Eden's restaurant. You will receive an email once your booking has been received and confirmed by Alan and Bronnie. If you would like to enquire about accommodation and staying in one of our lovely bungalows, please use this link.

Our usual opening hours for walk-ins are 7 days a week, 9am to 9pm.

We look forward to hearing from you! 


Menu's may change subject to availability.

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Tanna Coffee (plunger style) per person 300 vt

Long Black, Short black or Piccolo 350 vt

Cappuccino or Flat White 400 vt 

Tea (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lemon Grass, Orange Peko, Peppermint, Mandarin) 300 vt

Iced coffee or chocolate 500 vt

Fresh Fruit Cocktail 500 vt

Mango Nectar 250 vt

Orange Juice or Apple Juice 250 vt

Coca Cola, Lemonade Fanta, Soda Water, Mineral Water, Lemon Squash 300 vt

Bottled water 200 vt


Alcoholic Beverages


Tusker beers, Lemon, Premium or OP 500vt

Bacardi Rum, Gordon's Gin, Ballentine's Scotch, Vodker, or Southern Comfort (served with mixer) 800vt

Grant’s Scotch Whisky 700vt

Jack Daniel’s 600vt

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 700vt

Napoleon Brandy 600vt


House white sav blanc or chardonay  Glass 600 vt, Bottle 2500 vt

House red cab merlot or sheraz Glass 600 vt, Bottle 2500 vt


Lindeman’s Brut Cuvee 3500vt

Amber Divine Peach 3000vt


Eden’s Island fruit cocktail (fresh seasonal fruit with 1 nip vodka & 1 nip Malibu) 1000vt

Pina Colada (Fresh pineapple, coconut cream with Bacardi & Malibu) 1200vt

Mango Coconut cocktail (Fresh mango, coconut cream Bacardi & Malibu) 1200vt

Majito (fresh lime, mint, Bacardi rum, soda & sugar) 1200vt

Dry Martini (1 part dry vermouth, 3 parts gin) 1500vt

Lime Margurita (2 parts tequila, 1 part Cointreau & fresh lime juice) 1500vt


Bailey’s Irish Cream 600vt

Cointreau 700vt

Penfold’s Club Reserve Tawney Port 500vt

Grand Marnier 700vt


Fruit platter (for 1) 300vt

Toasted muesli with milk and yoghurt 500vt

Pancakes (2) with maple syrup and lime 600vt

Croissant(1) with butter and jam 600vt

Cheesy scrambled eggs served with homemade sour dough toast(1), fresh tomatos and rocket 900vt

Eggs (2) poached or fried on homemade sour dough toast with crispy bacon, fresh tomatos and rocket 1500vt


Homemade sour dough toast 100vt per slice

Crispy bacon 100vt per piece.


Beer braised pork belly with crispy skin and salad 2600 vt

Tender scotch fillet steak served with pepper sauce, red wine sauce or caramelised onion jam and salad 2500 vt

Fillet of fish served with a lime, dill and butter sauce and salad 2800 vt

Satay chicken with rice and salad 1700 vt

Chicken yoghurt curry served with rice, yoghurt, chutney and salad 1800 vt

Beef Madras curry (hot) served with rice, yoghurt, chutney and salad 1800 vt

Cheesy mushroom quiche served with salads (v) 1700 vt

Spinach and fetta pie served with salads (v) 1800 vt

Nachos with sour cream and guacamole (when available) 1500 vt

Spicy beef/chicken and salad rollups 1200 vt


Deep fried chicken wing bits OR homemade sausage roll 700 vt

Ham & pineapple pizza 1000 vt

Cheese toast 600 vt


Fresh bread with butter 200vt (per serve)

Garlic bread 400vt (per serve)

Side salad 400vt  (per serve)


Sweet Options

Baked cheesecake slice 900vt     

Almond and coconut cake (G.F) 800vt

Hazelnut Chocolate cake ( G.F.) 900vt

Sticky chocolate brownie 700vt

White chocolate & raspberry blondes 700vt

Above options are served with cream or ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream 400vt 

Vanilla ice cream served with homemade caramel or chocolate sauce  700vt

Vanilla ice cream served with fresh passionfruit 500vt

Dinner & Functions Menu


Chicken and Tarragon Rolls with Parmesan and bacon served on a bed of lettuce with a drizzle of basil oil 900 vt

Bacon, blue cheese and rocket arancini balls served with a little salad 1000 vt

Gourmet brie, bacon, fig & rocket pizza 1200vt 

Pepperoni and mozzarella pizza 1000vt


Fresh bread and butter 200vt

Garlic bread 400vt

Side salad 400vt

Sunset Hors D'eouvres

Cheese platter with Brie, Blue and Vintage served with fresh baget, biscuits and olives Serving for One: 1200 vt Serving For Two: 2000 vt

Home made chicken liver pate served with mini toasts Serving for One: 1200 vt Serving For Two: 2000 vt

Hommus dip served with vege sticks and corn chips Serving for One: 1200 vt Serving For Two: 2000 vt

Anti Pasto (salami, sundried tomatoes, roasted capsicum, fetta cheese & olives) served with fresh Baget breads Serving for One: 800 vt Serving for Two: 1500vt

Dinner Mains

Exotic Beef and mango or pawpaw salad  drizzled with Balsamic Glaze and Olive oil 1800 vt

Grilled fillet of fish served with lime and butter sauce and a potato, pumpkin and vegetable bake 2800 vt

Juicy steak with red wine sauce, or pepper sauce served with potato pumpkin and vegetable bake 2500 vt

Crispy skinned, Beer Braised Pork Belly served with potato, pumpkin and vegetable bake 2500 vt

Gourmet bacon, brie, fig and rocket pizza 2000 vt

Chicken satay pizza 1800 vt

Meals from lunch menu also available for dinner if available.


Hazelnut meringues served with whipped cream and fresh fruits 1000 vt

Baked Passionfruit Cheesecake served with whipped cream or ice cream 900 vt

Chocolate hazelnut cake served with whipped cream and frozen raspberries 900 vt

Ice Cream Sundae served with homemade caramel, chocolate sauce 700 vt

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